Hey fabulous squares!!! Here are this week’s F2 Squares:

First we have, Coco Serai (@CocoaSarai) at BET Music Matters rockin Fabric Twinz during her performance this past March!(Stylist: Christina Roman @CROMAN_)

Next F2 Square of the Week is a client that went to Vegas and partied in her highly demanded “Shaunie dress!” She also gave us some exciting news upon her return home! While in Vegas, Rihanna said that she’s seen this Fabric Twinz dress on Shaunie O’Neal and was trying to figure out where to get it from! How exciting is that?! NO WORRIES, our client gave the superstar our information so that she can have her very own F2 dress! STAY TUNED!

If you too would like your very own customized “Shaunie dress,” visit our website http://www.thefabrictwinz.com or email us at fabrictwinz@aol.com!

Our next Squares of the Week have submitted their pics from various shoots, etc. Enjoy:)

Model at promotional photo shoot from Bikini Under the Bridge fashion show at Park Slopes in BK at the infamous art gallery,Minerva. Cute!

Other models from the shoot above!

Customized F2 trendy color-blocked one piece!


Thanks to this week’s F2 Squares! If you would like to be Square of the Week, please shop with us and send us pics of you wearing your favorite Fabric Twinz design!  Send emails to fabrictwinz@aol.com!

Posted by:Natasha Weston(@OfficialTottie)


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